Wish comes true for garden loving Heartlands Care Home resident

Harking back to simpler times, care home resident Jean Asbury of Heartlands Care and Nursing Home in Yardley enjoyed a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Egbaston a few weeks ago as part of Country Court’s ‘Make a wish’ initiative. Country Court, the operator behind Heartlands, asked each resident if there was anything they wished to do or if they had a special place they’d like to visit.

When asked why she wanted to go there, Jean said, “I used to go with my sister-in-law and a friend, and I haven’t been since they passed away some years ago”. Jean has fond memories of visiting the gardens and it was her favourite place to visit in the summer. After her visit Jean said, “Thank you so much, you don’t know what that meant to me”.

Wellbeing and Activity Co-Ordinator, Tracy Davies said, “Our residents had a great time at the Botanical Gardens. There was lots of talk about fond memories of time spent at the Botanical Gardens with her friends and family. Sadly, we won’t be going on any more outings for a while, but we are enjoying looking at the photos we took and have some great memories to treasure.”

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are a 15-acre botanical garden situated in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Birmingham Botanical and Horticultural Society, which manages the Gardens, was founded in 1829. The site selected was ‘Holly Bank Farm’, farmed purely for recreation by a successful fire insurance broker on 18 acres of leased land on Lord Calthorpe’s Estate. The Gardens were designed by J.C. Loudon, a Scotsman who was a leading garden planner, horticultural journalist and publisher.

Margaret Richards, Home Manager at Heartlands Care Home added, “Our ‘Make a Wish’ initiative is part of our wider pledge to provide meaningful opportunities for the people in our care on a daily basis. By getting know each person individually we can not only meet their daily care and well-being needs but also take the opportunity to make these special days happen for people. In the coming weeks, we’ll be getting creative and making wishes happen inside the home

The ‘Make a Wish’ initiative has seen residents from across the Country Court group enjoy a range of special outings and activities; from scoring goals at Sheffield United, to off-road driving and having family tea parties.

For more information about Heartlands Care & Nursing Home please contact Customer Relations Manager, Stacey Debney on 07568 128 210 or email stacey.debney@countrycourtcare.com

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