Meet our care team: Caroline and Anisoara tell us why they love to care

The 7th to the 13th of June is Carers Week. We are taking the opportunity to thank our amazing care teams and learn more about working in a care home.  We asked Caroline Carter & Anisoara Costrasel, two members of the care team at Oakview Lodge Care & Nursing Home to tell us more about their role and why they love being a Carer.

What does a normal day for a Carer at Country Court look like?

A: Every day is different, none are the same. There’s always lots of exciting things going on, different activities. The residents are always very kind and patient with us. We love that every day we’re going to be doing something different.

C: We get a handover every day to run us through what needs to be done and what the biggest priorities of the day are.

Why were you interested in becoming a Carer?

A: I was at the age where I wanted to do something good for others, not just myself and my family. I wanted to hep others, and it’s such rewarding work. After you finish a long shift you wonder where the day is gone, but you’ve done so many helpful things for the residents.

C: I was already caring for my dad at the time, and he told me I was a good carer, and that’s what made me decide to go into this sector. I’ve been a carer for seven years now!

Have you worked in similar roles previously?

C: I’ve been a carer for seven years now, and at Oakview for two!

A: This was the first care role I’ve worked in.

What makes you good at your job?

C: You need to be caring and compassionate. You need to sense if something’s wrong with a resident as some people are not able to share how they’re feeling. You need to have fun and have a laugh with the residents. They make our day what it is, if they’re enjoying themselves then so are we.

A: You need to be a good listener and to be patient and attentive with residents. You need to love your job.

What challenges have you faced and what’s changed since Covid-19?

A: This past year was a very hard for everyone, for us, the residents and the world. But being a good team at Oakview Lodge, we managed to keep the residents spirits up and look after them.

C: It was really hard for residents as they were missing their families, so we tried to keep spirits high by dancing, doing activities and helping them video call family members. They’re so much happier now their families can visit, you can see it in their faces.

Thank you, Caroline and Anisoara, it’s great to hear how much you love being a carer. To find out more about life at Oakview Lodge Care Home click here. If you are interested in working in a care home, click here to find out more.

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