Our Company Values

Every respected care home business shares key attributes that are essential for it to operate successfully: Trust, kindness, dignity and respect. These should be a base level for success. At Country Court, we want to be more than this.

Our purpose

We believe that care homes shouldn't be places of inactivity, they should represent the opening of a new chapter of life. The opportunity to meet new friends, to socialise and experience an enjoyable life without unnecessary worry. A place where help is always on hand, no matter what my needs, and where I might even get the opportunity to fulfil the dream of a lifetime.

Our homes are for the life yet to be lived.

Our Values:

Our three values are designed to help us live this purpose every day and create something unique to Country Court. 

Local home, national family

Always family owned and run, we treat every resident, visitor, family and staff member as a welcome addition to our extended family.
Everyone should feel the warmth of this family, starting from the location we work in, spreading across the UK to every one of our properties and beyond, to everyone who comes into contact with Country Court.

Celebrating life every day

Our aim is to enrich the lives of everyone who lives or works with us.
We ensure every resident, family and colleague has the best day possible, no matter what limitations or external problems they face.
We strive to do even the smallest things right, recognising that it’s often the little details that make the biggest difference to someone’s long term happiness.

Shared experiences bring us together

More than a team, we’re a community of support for residents, families and each other.
Each of us brings personality warmth and our strong duty of care to make life and work at Country Care the very best for everyone.

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