Westfield praised for 'miracle' care of dementia resident

Westfield Nursing Home in Boston have received high praise from the family of one of their residents living with dementia. The family are delighted with the fantastic care and support they’ve received at Westfield Nursing Home.

When Home Manager Nogi John first met the resident, he was in hospital and exhibiting very challenging behavior. He had been placed unsuccessfully in several care homes and his family were desperate to find a permanent place for him. Westfield Nursing Home were approach and Nogi went to visit him; on witnessing the stress and anxiety the family were under she was determined to help. “I had full confidence in my care team at Westfield Nursing Home” she explained “I was sure we could get him back on track”.

His daughter describes how he was labelled an ‘aggressive dementia patient’ and no one could see past that label. “It was devastating for us, to me he is my Dad” she said “It wasn’t until Nogi came along that we could see any hope, I honestly don’t think he’d still be with us if it wasn’t for Westfield Nursing Home. Nogi was the only one who saw the person not the label”.

At first his behaviour was very challenging, despite being bed bound, he did a lot of damage to his bed and room. However, the staff were determined work with him and with support of his GP they slowly started to see improvements in his health. When he arrived, he was severely under-weight and not eating properly, however within a few months he’d gained 10kg and was eating a more balanced diet.

Through one-to-one sessions with staff his cognitive function improved, he started to recognise individual staff members and remember their names. Six months later he is a different person, he is calm and through gentle chair-based exercise has started to weight bear and now plans to start walking again.

With the right care and support in place his dementia has receded, he enjoys days out and activities and looks forward to daily visits from his family. He has built up a special friendship with the Home’s Maintenance man Alex, who takes time to sit and talk with him and they’ve built a real rapport and friendship.

“It’s been the whole approach here” his wife explained “the care, the environment, the food and the encouragement of the staff, you really can’t fault it. Everyone has taken time with him, not just the care staff but the nurses, housekeepers, maintenance, everyone”

“I couldn’t ask for more” she said “they are all fantastic here”

We call him our ‘miracle’” said Home Manager Nogi “the change in him has been amazing, he is 100% better than when he first arrived, it’s been a long road, but the patience and perseverance of the whole team here has been the key, we were determined not to give up on him.”

For more information on dedicated dementia care and the specialist approach Westfield take, please call 01205 365 835

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