Meet the family: Our proud veteran James

Finding out about our residents’ life stories and the fascinating careers they’ve had enables staff to get to know them better and build up a rapport with people, helping them to feel part of the family.

Meet James who lives at Tallington Lodge Care Home in Tallington near Stamford

James enjoys the company of the other residents and staff at Tallington Lodge, a keen gardener he was the home’s ‘Head Gardener’ in their Country Court in Bloom gardening competition. He loves to share his stories with people and is well-loved for his great sense of humour.

Tell us about your army career

James served in the Irish Guards for twenty-two and a half years, known affectionately throughout the arm as ‘The Micks’, the regiment has proven its loyalty and grit on many tough operations and has the privilege of guarding the Royal Family. The Irish Guards are famous for their bright red tunics and bearskin hats.

He completed his basic training in Surrey and was selected to be a tank driver because he was too young to go into action against the Germans.  In 1945 he was posted to Palestine, returning in 1948 to become an instructor at the Caterham Barracks. By 1965 at the age of thirty-five, James was promoted to Sergeant Major, responsible for the welfare and discipline of his company. He has received six medals for his service during World War Two and in Palestine, Cyprus and Egypt.

What are you most proud of?

James is very proud of his achievements during his Army career, now at age ninety-three his room, clothes and appearance are always immaculate, and his shoes polished! 


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