Bringing back the magic of Christmas

Most people feel alone at some time in their life, but for a growing number of older people loneliness can have a significant impact on their wellbeing, physical health, and mental health. According to Age UK, more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live alone. For many making the effort to get out and about or socialise becomes increasingly difficult but keeping connected with others can help people feel useful and appreciated.

Christmas can be especially hard for those that may have become socially isolated through the death of a spouse or friends, left their workplace or no longer being the hub of family life. Taking steps to join local community groups, visit friends or even make a phone call can sometimes feel hard but reaching out to those close by can be a real lifeline. The NHS website has some great tips for older people who are feeling alone.

Country Court has joined the Community Christmas campaign which connects older people who would otherwise be spending Christmas Day alone with events or organisations that provide Christmas Dinner. Many of our care homes are opening their doors and inviting people who live locally to join residents on Christmas Day for a traditional home-cooked Christmas Dinner with our residents.

This will not only be a great experience for visitors to our home but also for our residents too” explained Home Manager Brenda Durrington at Lyncroft Care home in Wisbech. “We have some people living with us who won’t see their families on Christmas Day, so for them to see new faces and have someone different to chat with will make a great difference”.

Christmas is always a wonderful family time in our home,” said Nogi John, Home Manager at Westfield Nursing Home in Boston “Some of our residents go out to spend Christmas Day with their families, others remain with us and their family member come and join us. It’s heartbreaking to think that there could be people just around the corner in our local community who are alone on this special day.”

If you know someone who would benefit from this initiative, then check the website to see where your nearest location is. Participating Country Court Care Homes are offering Christmas Dinner free of charge, places are limited so we ask that people call to book their place in advance and make their own way to our care home.

Abbey Grange Nursing Home – 01142 560 046

Ashwood Nursing Home - 01775 723223

Belmont House Nursing Home – 01142 831030

Carter House Nursing Home – 02089 466566

Lostock Lodge Care Home – 01606 3331953

Lyle House Care Home – 02088 783806

Lyncroft Care Home – 01945 475229

Neale Court Care Home – 01522 682201

Priory Court Nursing Home – 01278 768000

Ruckland Court Care Home – 01522 530217

Tallington Lodge Care Home – 01780 740314

Walberton Place Care Home – 01243 551549

Westfield Nursing Home – 01205 365835

A full list of Community Christmas events across the UK can be found here:

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